About Us

Mina Invierno is a private limited company, created in 2006. The company’s shareholders are Empresas Copec S.A. and Inversiones Ultraterra Limited, which belong to the group of companies Ultramar.
Currently, the company operates the Mina Invierno project in the Riesco Island, in the local municipality of Rio Verde, Region of Magallanes and Chilean Antarctica.
The company extracts and markets subbituminous coal, which is shipped to the consumption centers.
Mina Invierno considers, in the development of its activities, the concept of sustainability, bearing in mind the safety of his actions and the environmental aspects. In order to achieve this, it operates with excellent environmental care practices, trying to maintain a good relationship with the community.
In parallel to mining, Mina Invierno also develops a livestock project in conjunction with a local partner, which is an example of the compatibility of both activities. To this livestock project it can be added an environmental rehabilitation plan, which includes a work of reforestation with native species (lengas, ñirre) and the revegetation of areas taken over by the mining activity.
In the community relations service, the company focuses on four areas of work:
– Reforestation and Environmental Education.
– Rescuing the cultural heritage of the coal in Magallanes.
– Training programs in collaboration with local establishments of Technical Education.
– School Sports.
The staffing of Mina Invierno is known for having a high percentage of regional workforce, reaching over 80% of its workers. In addition to a commitment to gender equality, women are joined in the performance of non-traditional jobs.

Our vision
Being a leader in sustainability and efficiency in coal mining.

Our business
Produce and market coal in an efficient and sustainable way, creating value for our shareholders and employees, responding to the needs of our customers and operating with practices of excellence in safety, environmental care and community relations.