Parallel to the mining activity, we are looking to rehabilitate the environment through re-vegetation and reforestation program of the areas disturbed by the mining development. For this we include the planting of herbaceous species on dumps and about 1,000,000 native trees (mainly lenga) in compensation zones.

To reach this goal, the company has a modern greenhouse of 1,600 square meters of advanced technology for the germination of native trees and other exotic species (pine, cypress, etc.), aimed at the creation of green areas and hedgerows.

The plan includes largely the use of native species Lenga (Nothofagus pumilio), which begins with the collection of small plants (seedlings) in the surrounding forests of the stay in Mina Invierno called “Viveros Naturales”. These seedlings are taken to the greenhouse where we seek to achieve their growth to about 50 cm. to later be transferred to the “sombreadero (awnings)” where they experience the weather conditions of the area that allow them to strengthen before being planted in the area of ​​reforestation. Once planted, a tutor is installed to the lenga who helps direct their growth and a protector that try to isolate it from natural predators. These stages are described below.


etapas1. Collecting seedlings: Made in the native forest.

2. Patrik System:  Packing of the collected seedlings with the Patrik System.

3. Greenhouses: Maturation of the plants through the modern technologies. Capacity of the greenhouses: 240.000 plants.

4. Awnings: Strengthening of the plants, passing each one of them a winter in this place. Capacity of the awnings: 250.000 plants.

5. Plantation: The plantations are made in the Integrated Compensation Area, giving fulfillment to our environmental commitment.


Mina Invierno acquired the Patrik system for plant production and its creator Josef Stritecký, has visited the island evaluating the results. The system prevents deformation of the roots and strengthens the weaker ones before their final planting.

The Patrik System is applied in the Czech Republic since 1994, and since 1998, its powers are exported to the continent. This system delivers a more robust lenga, prepared to resist more successfully the weather conditions. This system consists in its base of cases of modular construction. In each of them up to 10 plants are grown, that can be built even in several blocks.