Cattle Raising


Cattle raising the main regional economic activity: Is the coexistence of the livestock and mining possible?

The image of cattle cohabiting with an open pit coal mining in Estancia Invierno is one of the interesting initiatives being undertaken in Mina Invierno.

In the past, Riesco Island coal coexisted for decades with livestock. Today, we are showing that we can revive such coexistence between these two productive activities, more technology, innovation and high standards of management. We also want to share the knowledge gained in the innovation process with the local and regional community.

We started in 2011 with 1,600 hectares of livestock, today we have over 5,000 hectares dedicated to livestock production. Our project has more than a thousand sheep and about 1,500 cattle, occupying the fields closest to the mining area.

Mina Invierno, backed with knowledge of expert advisors, is proving that the mining operation does not generate consequences for livestock.