Culture, Education and Sports

Regional Culture

Mina Invierno has been involved in many cultural projects in our region, among which are: the children’s play “Laberintos Bajo Tierra” –which was given to more than 2,000 children in educational establishments in the region–, the editing of the book “The Coal in Magallanes, History And Future” -written by the national prize of history, Mateo Martinic Beros-, the publication of the book “The forgotten history, following the route of coal” by Cristian Morales and the most recent publication, “Riesco Island: the Nature and the Man” by Claudio Almarza.

Also, our Company has launched into the Community two important contests in recent years: a photo contest “Rescuing the Images of the Industry in Magallanes” and a literary contest “Magallanes in 140 words”

In 2013 we opened the Coal Hall in the Maggiorino Borgatello Museum, which aims to capture an educational space dedicated to the history of mining in the region. This way we can interactively educate people regarding the development and evolution of coal in the Magallanes Region.

Education and Sports

Since its inception Mina Invierno has been involved with the local establishments, promoting the regional technical specialization, the environmental education and the sports, creating opportunities for the learning on the field by developing various educational programs.

Regional  Technical Specialization: in order to contribute to the training of a qualified workforce at a regional level, the “Mining in Magallanes” program comes up, framed in the cooperation agreement signed in 2012 with the Don Bosco Institute in Punta Arenas, belonging to the Salesian Congregation.

This program covers the second and fourth half years of said establishment and provides technical talks, of soft skills and work readiness, of safety and mining in general. Each year starts with a visit of students to the facilities and job day in Mina Invierno, plus a presentation to parents and guardians on the characteristics of the program and the activities that this entails. From 2015, Mina Invierno has the support of several of contractors, who began to also realize training to the students.

Environmental education: about 20 establishments have participated in our Environmental Education Program “Forjadores Ambientales”, which begins with a working day in which kids are given the experience and knowledge of Mina Invierno in the subject of reforestation with native species, particularly Lenga (nothofagus pumilio) continuing with a visit to Riesco Island, at which participants visit our nursery “Don Gonzalo” and made reforestation exercises. The program closes each annual cycle with a planting of native species in their own facilities, thereby generating new green areas.

Sports:  school futsal championship conducted in four versions, calling to the date more than 60 educational establishments in Punta Arenas. Tournaments are aimed at both ladies and males, promoting in the students the sports practice and a healthy living.