Our Workers

“Mina Invierno An important company in the region, that offers challenges where you can grow professionally, keeping balance between your personal and family life”


It is the value proposition that Mina Invierno offers to those who are part of the Company, and the one we apply in each line of action within our organization.

To the date, we are more than 500 workers in Mina Invierno, to which is added the more than 600 jobs indirectly delivered to the region through our contractors. No doubt we are a significant source of employment for the area, which brings with it a set of responsibilities that we assume with pride.

Since we began the construction of the port and our work on the ground in August 2011, we faced great challenges. We met important milestones such as achieving the first trial shipment in the first quarter of 2013, achievement succeed thanks to the commitment of our operators, maintainers, our people of harbor and workers of collaborating companies.

Each worker that is part of Mina Invierno should be able to understand his responsibility in the constant search for new challenges and how to overcome them. We set goals in many areas: we look for the “Zero Accident” on security issues, as well as being among the most efficient coal mines in the world with care and respect of the environment. To sum, we constantly look for the way to make Mina Invierno an operation of excellence.

Each worker of Mina Invierno has increased their employability in the competitive job market, where the learning that he has had in the early years of mining activity has made him a professional with more tools than those that were with him before entering the Company.

We can proudly say that over 80% of our workforce is Magellan and, of that number, at least 70% had no previous mining experience. Responsibility and merit are features we value in the Company, as more than 40% of our supervisors come from our own staff, having entered as a position operator or maintainer and are now in a new position leading a group of workers through various promotions or internal competitions.

The balance between work, family and personal life has been a statement that characterizes us and where we have made many efforts and actions. We have also integrated the family in many activities, such as induction into our company, family visits to Mina Invierno, sessions of participation and information and winter and summer colonies for our children.

Development is key for us

People development involves a constant effort to improve the training and technical improvement. For this reason, Mina Invierno has worked since its inception to promote their workers and deliver them the necessary tools. This, from the areas of instruction installed both in the area of ​​maintenance and operations, but also through training and certifications with external agencies in more specific skills.

On issues of Organizational Development, it has been recently launched the Leadership Model aimed at middle managers of Mina Invierno. Seeking to align our leaders and enhancing in them the soft skills necessary for a good management of our people.

In addition, in order to contribute with the Regional Technical Specialization is built the “Mineria en Magallanes” program, which has been developed in partnership with the Don Bosco Institute in Punta Arenas looking for the direct benefit of the students with the delivering of specialized instruction.

Quality of Life Program

Thinking about the development of our employees, the Company has developed the Quality of Life Program aimed at our people and their families. An initiative that seeks the implementation of programs and services for the direct and indirect benefit of the members of the Mina Invierno Family. This, taking as its premise the importance of maintaining the health and vitality of each one of them and the ability to enjoy the free time in a healthy way and in a variety of different spaces.

The later, on the understanding that by achieving this balance our workers can reach in a better way their development and welfare. For this reason, the benefits under this program involve social, technical, cultural and human edges, understanding that each of these impacts transversely in the people, spontaneously impacting the quality of the work performed. Thus, we aim to achieve the integral development of each worker, also seeking for the welfare of their families.