Our Values

Mina Invierno has declared five Organizational Values, which seek to align the behavior of all of those who are part of the Company. Declaring even that these pillars or guidelines of behavior are “a way of being and behaving at all times and places.”

Below, is a brief presentation of each one of them:

1.     Security

A high commitment with the self-protection, our concern about those around us, our risk management and damage control.


2.     Respect for others

Genuine interest and consideration for the people and the communities, with whom we relate to, the ability to acknowledge, accept, appreciate and value the qualities of the others and maintain their dignity.


3.     Respect for the environment

A compromise with the safety and preservation of the environment around us, be responsible of our behavior and his current and future impact in the physical environment, in the flora and in the fauna.


4.     Responsibility

A commitment to respond to the consequence of our acts, what we allow and promote. Assuming goals and committed results.


5.     Culture of High Performance

A constant search to reach the highest standards and the optimization of the resources in each work and assignment. Get bigger and better results through Teamwork looking for the safety of the people.